Dixon Road Roundabout Project

The new roundabout not only acts as a gateway into the new neighbourhood of Peacocke, it also improved safety on Ohaupo Road/State Highway 3 and for vehicles turning in and out of Dixon Road.

Project Details


Hamilton City Council


Fitzroy, Hamilton


$10+ million


Completed January 2021

One of the first transport projects for the Peacocke redevelopment zone, Schick was selected as the head contractor to build a new roundabout on State Highway 3/Ohaupo Rd (south of the existing Dixon Rd intersection).

The construction involved a wide range of civil construction works and was completed within the 8 month timeframe for the project. Works included:

  • Earthworks consist of over 120,000m3 including cut to waste, cut to fill and stabilised.

  • Drainage included 5m+ deep stormwater, watermain and sewer and services. 

  • Structures include extensive retaining walls, keystone walls and timber retaining walls and 3 box culvert underpasses (3×4.5m and 7m deep) that were designed and installed by the Schick team.

  • Pavement is a makeup of 5% stabilised AP65, stabilised TNZ40 and some traditional pavements and deep lift asphalt and SMA surfacing. These are all built by Schick, with surfacing completed by Higgins (two layers of AC20)

  • Extensive traffic control to handle the 25,000 vehicles per day.

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