The Schick Way

Our purpose, vision & values

Our Purpose


To benefit all who contribute

We want to give back to those who support us; our team, our families, our clients, our partners and our communities. We aim to create a mutual sharing of benefits that will create a positive cycle of success for ourselves and others.

Our Vision


To support future generations

To truly deliver on our Purpose, we know we need to be building for the long term. With this comes a desire, and a necessity, for growth. But this is not just about growing volume. For us, growth includes growing our people, our capability, our knowledge, our communities, and our business. This long-term growth mindset will ensure we build foundations to support future generations.

Our Mission


To deliver excellence

Our Mission is about doing what matters and eliminating distractions. Our mission unlocks the plan to deliver results.

For Schick that means OTOBOSS, delivering on time, on budget, on spec, and safely. But it’s more than just meeting the standard. It’s always looking to continuously improve, exceed expectations, and be better. It’s about holding ourselves accountable to a standard higher than the industry itself.


Better than before


We strive for excellence in safety, quality, and productivity. We never walk past a problem. We encourage diverse thinking, innovation, and challenge, to change the game and to create new opportunities.

Stronger together


We gain strength from our teams, families and communities. We are all proud to be part of something much bigger. We honour our past, while striving to build a safe and sustainable future.

Lead the way

coach / contribute / with courage

We are all leaders. We lead by example and with courage. We walk the talk. We coach, mentor, and contribute. We listen, question and learn. We leave our egos at the door.

Do what’s right


We treat each other with respect. Speak openly and honestly. We act with integrity. We have each other’s backs when things don’t go right and trust that help will always be at hand. We have the tough conversations.

Get it done


We do what we say we will do and we do it safely. We plan well and deliver exceptional results. We don’t leave until the job’s done right. We celebrate our successes and learn from our mistakes