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Working at SChick


Schick values its employees and aims to create a positive and rewarding work environment. We strive to stay true to our purpose and values and offer opportunities for growth and development to our team members.

We have a number of open positions currently. Visit our Facebook page @schickcivil or our Trademe ads for current open positions.



Schick is committed to developing our team professionally and personally. This starts with being clear on the capabilities that are required to be the best you can be:

We offer a variety of training and development opportunities here, including.

  • Competency training
  • Earn while you learn scheme
  • On-the job training & coaching by senior staff
  • Support in gaining formal industry licenses & certifications
  • Study support
  • Internal development training focused on business management and leadership

TEAM Culture


Schick’s culture is based on building an aligned team, who share common values and a commitment to excellence no matter where you are in the company.  That intent reflects our Purpose, to benefit all who contribute, and our vision, to support future generations.

We understand that to achieve excellence a key success factor is the development of our people and that includes making sure we all go home safe, every day.

We base out approach to wellbeing on four pillars; Physical, mental, social and financial. Our benefits, support and teams are structured to support those pillars. This can range from mental health support in times of crisis; to workshops on everything from budgeting and resilience to leadership and future role development. 



Our rewards and benefits scheme aligns with our company values through recognising those who contribute.

Beyond our comprehensive training and development programmes, there are several great rewards and benefits you can receive while working at Schick.

We acknowledge and celebrate our team members achievements with our employee benefits package including medical insurance, employee assistance support, long service leave entitlements and annual bonuses.



At Schick we are a company building for the long term. We offer multiple pathways for our future generations to build a career and make a difference within the civil industry. Our pathways include;

  • Work Experience
  • Trainee Programme
  • Apprenticeships
  • Schick Civil Engineering Scholarship
  • Summer Internship Programme
  • Graduate Programme