Our Expertise

Building trust, through transparent and reliable project management

Based on Proven Experience


Schick has forged a reputation as the team who gets work done, on-time, on budget and specification to the highest quality.

Schick have executed a range of roading construction, drainage, earthworks, footpaths and structural works across New Zealand. We have a substantial knowledge base of the critical success factors, risks, safety, social and environmental concerns that need to be managed to ensure effective and efficient delivery on civil infrastructure projects. See our Projects.

Project Management


Schick’s approach to project management is centered on our “Have a Plan” system, which is a continuous cycle of planning, communication, execution, and review.

Our standard processes and time fences ensure that the team is clear on what needs to be done to deliver a successful project. Our reporting systems follow the same time fences to ensure that any issues are dealt with and the critical path is maintained.

This approach allows us to hold ourselves accountable to the plan and deliver successful project outcomes.

Health & Safety Practices


Schick will always deliver the safety-first approach with all our work and planning of tasks. Our health and safety practices include:

  • Schick Safety Induction + Employee Booklet
  • Site Specific Safety Plan (SSSP)
  • Job Safety and Environmental Analysis (JSEA)
  • Site/Project Induction
  • Weekly Toolbox
  • Daily Hazard ID sign-in
  • Daily Pre-Start
  • On-Site Audits’
  • Weekly / Monthly Reporting



At Schick, we are dedicated to helping our employees reach their full potential and make valuable contributions to our company, our clients, and the wider community. 

We believe in investing in our people and providing them with the support and resources they need to succeed. Through our comprehensive training programs and ongoing professional development opportunities, we help our employees develop the skills and expertise they need to excel in their roles. 

By fostering a positive and collaborative work environment, we enable our employees to grow and thrive, and make meaningful contributions to our company and the communities we serve. See our Careers section for more details.



Managing the environmental impacts of our work sites is critical to delivering great outcomes for our clients, our communities, and the environment itself. As locals, we take pride in our environment and understand the impacts of construction projects.

Our goal is to carry out our work in a manner that ensures that there are no adverse environmental impacts and that we remain compliant with Resource Consents requirements. To achieve this, we develop and implement plans for:

  • Erosion and Sediment Control.
  • Monitoring of Noise Emissions and Noise Mitigation.
  • Dust Emissions/ Road Contamination.
  • Spill Prevention and Emergency Response.
  • Traffic & Pedestrian Management.

As part of our normal environmental practices, we will carry out regular self-audits to monitor the performance and adequacy of our site plans.

Quality management


Schick is committed to our mission of delivering excellence.
Within Schick, excellence means OTOBOSS or On Time (OT), On Budget (OB), On Spec (OS), and Safely (S).

Our Quality Management System is built off the concept of PDCA (Plan – Do – Check – Act), with the aim of providing customers with high-quality products and services, which meet contractual requirements and are fit for their purpose. Our philosophy of getting things “right the first time” guides our work and performance.

To ensure our quality systems and procedures are maintained and improved, the following reviews are frequently undertaken:

  • External audits: to confirm Schick quality assurance and quality control procedures are in accordance with NZTAQ quality Standard IS0 9001, WSMP Audit Tools and NZS4801
  • Internal quality audits and reviews, performed by management.
  • On-site checks and inspections performed by the Contract Manager to verify that contract requirements are being achieved.
  • Self-checks and inspections performed by staff to ensure contract compliance.



Schick Civil Construction has the civil equipment and machinery to deliver on a full range of civil project outcomes.  With our internal trucking and cartage team, we are able to have full control over project timelines and ensure that completed projects are delivered to budget on time for our clients.

We are dedicated to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in plant and equipment.  We upgrade our frontline machinery regularly. we use GPS modelling, generated by our inhouse survey team, to ensure our operators are able to accurately and efficient deliver to standard on any job site. 

Our Accreditations