Jason Callander: Senior Drainlayer

No two days are the same for our Schick Civil drainage foreman, Jason Callander.

Jason joined Schick Civil Construction as a drainage foreman in early 2021 and knows that every morning there is something new happening on site, and there will be new challenges to overcome each day. To be successful in this ever-changing environment, Jason uses the Schick Civil “Have a Plan” management system. This system, along with his “get it done” attitude, helps him and his crew routinely deliver major civil projects in the Waikato on time, on budget, on spec and safely. 

Jason is constantly liaising with site supervisors around the plan that he and his team hold themselves accountable to each day. Jason works to coordinate plant, labour and materials to ensure his crew can be as efficient and adaptable as possible. “I always talk with the site supervisors to make sure the right plans are in place for the upcoming days. It’s important for my crew and I to know what we are doing the day prior so that we can get stuck into the work,” he said. “The Have a Plan management system is also a tool to help us deal with changes as they occur during the day, as it allows us to continuously check and adjust, and ultimately improve both our method and our overall plan.” 

A majority of Jason’s time at Schick has been spent working on the recently completed Ruakura Spine Road project which has provided him with the perfect opportunity to grow his capability. The technical tasks involved in that project challenged Jason and encouraged him to think outside of the box to deliver quality outcomes. “It’s important for me to come to work every day with a positive attitude, because with the interesting and varying workload at Schick, every day is a chance to learn something new and tackle a different challenge,” he said.  

No matter how big or small the job, Jason is committed to delivering work up to the high standards that Schick demands, and he and his team don’t pack up for the day until a job is done right. That’s why he appreciates working alongside an experienced and talented group of people, “my crew are all really good at what they do which makes my job easier” he said. It’s also contributing to projects that the community will depend on every day that Jason finds most rewarding about his job. This is also the main reason he knows it’s important to celebrate success once he and his team have completed a project. “It’s cool watching the projects we are working on come to life. Also knowing that the work we do matters to the community is pretty satisfying. That’s always worth celebrating.” he said.  

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