Cutting-edge Technology

Schick are constantly looking at innovations to improve its business performance and our offering (methodology and cost savings) to our clients. We have made significant investment in Information Technology and cutting-edge technologies to capture, analyse and process data for informed decision making. 
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Business Intelligence - turning data into knowledge  Plant and Equipment Monitoring via state-of-the-art GPS units Mobile Worker for sending and receiving jobs to our fleet of trucks in real-time  Machine Control Technology improving accuracy and methodology Electronic Forms for capturing real-time information and reporting
Nimbus Software enables us to carry out robust business intelligence by capturing meaningful and useful data for analysis, leading to more confident decision-making. Better decisions mean greater operational efficiency, cost reductions and reduced risk. 

Nimbus allows Schick to identify new opportunities and implement effective business strategies based on insights that can then provide us with a competitive market advantage and long-term stability. 
All Schick owned & operated heavy plant (over 120 items) are fitted with state-of-the-art Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL) GPS units. It includes a high-accuracy GPS receiver, a three-axis accelerometer, a choice of cellular modems and an optional satellite modem.This system records daily log on / log off times, activation times, idle times, stopped times for all items of plant. Productivity time, idle time and stand by time can now easily be reported to allow efficiencies and increase productivity. Schick mobilised their fleet of trucks with an integrated mobile solution that allows Schick to streamline and improve efficiencies in the field by reducing administration costs and working in real-time. Our fleet of trucks are fitted with Samsung Galaxy tablets allowing jobs to be sent to trucks and received back from trucks in real-time. Every load carted is recorded and time stamped including GPS coordinates, type material carted, weight, location, driver and a job site number. This allows Schick to do auto-job costing within our core business system.
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Fast and accurate machine control technology is revolutionising civil earthworks and infrastructure project work for many New Zealand companies, saving time and money.  Machine control and guidance systems improves the productivity and efficiency of all construction plants and worksites. It allows dozer, grader and excavator operators the ability to see where they are on any site in real-time through advanced modelling. At the same time as improving efficiency, it improves accuracy, resulting in improved results and reduced overheads. 
The application of this technology is no longer just for the technically demanding components of jobs, and the all-round advantages of day to day use are seen and rewarded across all aspects of construction. As a result, Schick has increased their investment in machine control technology with their increase in fleet size.
Schick has invested in electronic solutions help us not only better manage time tracking and payroll, but also reduce duplicate and manual entry of data. Schick's investment in developing electronic forms for Timesheets, Daily Site Records (DSR's), Site Audits and Hazard ID's allow for capturing real-time information and reporting and also supports Schick's view of being environmentally conscious by looking at a green alternative to paper based records.
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