Awatea Park Subdivision $1.6m

Civil works for stage 1 development comprising 118 residential lots in Awatea Road

Project Details


Awatea Park Limited





The project includes:

  • bulk earthworks (15,000m3)
  • all associated sewer mains and sewer lift station (600m new sewer main at depth in excess of 3m deep)
  • stormwater main (450m stormwater main ranging in size from 225mm up to 750mm with dedicated SW discharge)
  • Water reticulation and services¬†
  • box culvert (40m of 1.5m x 1.0 box culvert stormwater crossing, creating a new open swale to deal with stormwater run off)¬†
  • pavement and asphalting (3,000m3 of new pavement construction)
  • landscaping
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