Rippindale Subdivision $1.9m

Civil engineering infrastructure and services for 32 lot residential subdivision in Hamner Springs

Project Details


Rippindale Developments





This earthworks, roading, drainage, water supply (private and public) and utility services contract  involved the creation of 35 lots on a property between Rippingale Road and the Chatterton River in Hamner Springs.  The overall contract comprises three separable portions completed to the requirements of the Resource Consent granted by HDC.

These separable portions were:  

  • Earthworks, roading, drainage, water supplies and utilities to fully develop the site. (Work involved the ‘winning’ of 15,000m3 of gravel from the Chatteron River while protecting a sensitive ecosystem, installation of 600m new sewer system, 300m of new RCRRJ stormwater system, large stormwater detention pond, water reticulation system. Over 3000m2 of new pavement, berms and footpaths)
  • Creation of an extension to an existing river stopbank approx 135m in length with a trapezodial cross sectional  founded on a 1.2m deep x 4m wide foundation. The stopbank, including the foundation layer comprised 2500m3 of bulk fill compacted to NZ Standard
  • Road realignment, seal extension, widening and footpath construction on Rippingale Road
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