Scott Point Civil Construction Works $7.5m (current)

Civil works for a subdivision development creating 253 residential lots in Hobsonville.

Project Details


Scott Point Estate LP





This subdivision project is being delivered in three separable portions to suit Resource Consent and Engineering approvals. The development includes 7 super lots for affordable housing, a 4,504m2 reserve, a 492m2 stormwater reserve and 274m2 reserve for enhanced access to the coast.

The project includes:

  • demolition and removal of existing housing,
  • establishment and maintenance of sediment control including retention ponds, diversion bunds/channels, contour drains and silt fences,
  • topsoil stripping,
  • bulk cut to fill earthworks,
  • subsoil drainage,
  • pavements, concrete footpaths, crossing, accessways and kerbing,
  • retaining walls,  
  • stormwater pipelines, manholes, lot connections, outlet construction including rain gardens and tree pits,
  • water supply pipelines, valves, hydrants, markers and connections to Watercare network,
  • wastewater pipelines, manholes, lot connections and outlet structure, wasterwater pump station, pipework, storage tanks, siteworks, electrical and SCADA communications, wastewater rising main,
  • utility services including services trenching for power, telecommunication ducting and street lighting installation. 
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