Trent Street Subdivision $890,000

Civil works for a subdivision development creating 33 residential lots in Avondale, Auckland

Project Details


New Zealand Housing Foundation





This subdivision development comprises a 33-residential lot subdivision, two access lots (one private loop road serving the entire development, and one shorter access serving four dwellings), and a reserve.

The project involved:

  • sediment and erosion control,
  • 1,650m3 bulk earthworks, clearing and enabling works,
  • right-of-way construction, kerbs and channel,
  • approx 250m stormwater installation (300mm ¬†and 375mm class 4(Z) RCRRJ pipes, 2.5m deep), 1050 dia manholes x 9 up to 3m deep plus connections and cesspits,
  • 185m wastewater 150mm uPVC pipes up to 2.5m deep, manholes x 8 up to 3m deep including connections and wastewater pump,
  • 280m water reticulation 125 dia PE100, plus fittings and valves,
  • Connections to lots and existing system.
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