Lewis Wilson’s transition to Contract Manager

Lewis has recently reached an awesome milestone, having spent 5 years supporting the rapid expansion and success of Schick Civil Construction in the South Island.  

Before joining Schick Civil in 2017, Lewis Wilson worked for and contracted to other civil construction businesses in Christchurch. Once work from the Christchurch earthquakes started to slow down, Lewis made the decision to join forces with Schick Civil, integrating himself and his crew into our Christchurch branch.  

When Lewis first started as a Drainage Foreman, Schick Civil was just starting to find its feet in an already well-established and mature Christchurch market. Lewis was truly at the heart of establishing Schick Civil as a ‘local’ in Christchurch and has been a large part of our growth in the South Island ever since. “I was one of just a handful of people in the team down here. It’s cool to have grown alongside the business, and it is nice knowing the strong ‘family’ culture has remained throughout,” he said.

After contributing significantly to the growth of Schick Civil in the Christchurch region, Lewis jumped at the opportunity to help establish the business in Nelson and Blenheim in the role of a Site Supervisor and more recently as a Contract Manager. “I love a challenge, and I was getting pretty comfortable in my previous role, so becoming a Contract Manager was the next step,” he said. Lewis is relishing the opportunity to take the next step in his career and to continue developing himself professionally and personally.  

With five years of service under his belt, Lewis sees his time at Schick so far as very rewarding. “It is satisfying seeing projects come to life and knowing I had a hand in making it happen,” he said. “I know my work doesn’t go unnoticed and know what I do is valued.” Lewis has the ongoing support of the Schick team as he continues to progress his career and further develop his capabilities in project management. In addition, on his 5 year anniversary, Lewis has received a one-off bonus of 5 extra days leave for the year. The extra leave for all long serving staff at 5 years is just one way the Schick business brings to life our overall purpose of “benefit to all who contribute”. 

Finally, with his considerable experience and enthusiasm to share his knowledge, we know Lewis will continue to play an integral role in the success of Schick for years to come.  

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