Victoria On The River

From derelict carparking building, to impressive amphitheatre in the heart of Hamilton CDB overlooking the river

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Hamilton City Council



Victoria on the River was a significant project for the Hamilton City Community. Schick Civil Construction were the only company brave enough to take up the challenge and submit a tender and build the amphitheatre and deliver the Hamilton City public what they deserved.

The area in question was once a derelict run down carparking building with a drop off to an eroded bank forgotten and ignored by the public. However the Mayor saw the potential in this space in the heart of the city and the view that it held over the mighty Waikato River. Edwards White architects took on the design and together with Aecom an extremely substantial and elaborate plan was put out for Tender.

Six months later it was completed, with Purple Heart Boardwalks, Granite Paving, Rock Salt finished Concrete, Pre-Cast Concrete panels on micro piles, extensive lighting, Corten steel accents to break up the amphitheatre of concrete, together with significant planting completed on the steep bank.

The project was completed to the highest quality, on time, to budget and without harm to any staff involved – no wonder Hamilton City are so proud of their new space overlooking the mighty Waikato and in the heart of our great city as this space has now become a focal point for the public to gather, with free open air concerts run over the summer months and just an inviting place to meet and enjoy the outdoors.

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